Kate Mounsey

In March 2015 I was elected as the Chair, having been on the Board for nearly 2 years.

My husband, Tom and I have three children, one at Wairakei Primary School, one at Intermediate and one preschooler.  I work part time as a family lawyer at Malcolm Mounsey Clarke, here in Taupo.  Prior to being a lawyer I was home full time for 6 years and before that I was a primary school teacher in local rural schools.

I was elected onto the Board of Trustees as a parent representative.  I stood as a candidate because I was aware that a large number of our then board were leaving and hoped that my skills and knowledge would be of value to the school in some way.

I am passionate about healthy and reciprocal relationships within a school and working environment.  I also hold the overall responsibility for Personnel matters within the Board of Trustees.  I believe that retaining quality staff is important for our children’s learning as relationships are able to grow and be sustained with teachers and other staff.  One of our legal requirements as a Board of Trustees is being a good employer and I consider it to be an important part of our role.

I consider that Wairakei Primary School is an outstanding school in a whole range of ways.  As a parent, I love our assemblies and seeing children of all ages grow in confidence in their roles on the stage.  Having been away a few times on camps, our students make us so proud with their can-do attitude and their respectful behaviour in general.  On the sports field we shine, not only doing really well but also showing great sportsmanship in encouraging each other and respecting other teams and competitors.

I also believe that links with home and school are essential for student achievement and I consider that ongoing community consultation is important for future planning for our school.

As the Board Chair I am committed to effective governance of our school and excellent achievement for our students.

I look forward to the challenges and triumphs for our school and am happy to speak to any current or prospective parents about our vision and plan for the future or any other areas of our governance that you would like to discuss.

2015 Wairakei Primary School, Taupo,  Board Chair Kate Mounsey
I am passionate about healthy and reciprocal relationships within a school and working environment.Kate Mounsey