Pukeko Artwork

They had to create a pukeko that represented the correct shape of a Pukeko body

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IMG 1813

Pink Anti Bullying Day

We also made anti-bullying posters to emphasise the message we wanted to get across.

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IMG 2106

Mothers Day Artwork

When they returned they said that they would show the rest of room 7 how to make them on Friday. Read more about 'Mothers Day Artwork'...

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Expert Writers

They have been learning to include adjective (describing words) in their writing to develop their sentences and use commas to list words or add between clauses in their writing

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Awards for Writing in Room 8

All About Ourselves

We were getting to know what they liked or disliked and any sports they played and favourite things

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All About Ourselves

Art and Maths in Room 13

In our class, we looked at some famous art forms of Kandinsky’s known as Kandinsky Circles.

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4. Dying the finished circles

Cubist Artists

Making our own cubist art pictures was another great way for us to practice using our hand muscles correctly

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3. Cutting skills practice


Miss Woodcock read us a number of stories about ANZAC Day.

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9. At ANZAC service laying our poppies

Mother’s Day

First of all, we made them a card. On the front was a bunch of flowers that were made with our fingerprints. Read more about 'Mother’s Day'...

2. Planning the design for on the washer