Trust License Part 2

A group of students from the Te Mihi learning community have been working together to create a SOLO framework on how they can earn a trust license. Read more about 'Trust License Part 2'...

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Try it Try it and you may I say!

Room 10 children made a favourite sandwich for themselves and a buddy. The aim was to practice giving new things a go and to complete the task alongside a friend. Read more about 'Try it Try it and you may I say!'...

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Trust License

We were brainstorming ideas about what someone, who is trusted in Te Mihi, would do. Now we are writing our ideas into the SOLO framework. Read more about 'Trust License'...

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Aquaponics Teaches everything is connected

Amanda Jones, Education Coordinator, Kids Greening Taupo has forwarded us a link for the Waikato Enviroschools blog which Wairakei Primary School are featured on. Read more about 'Aquaponics Teaches everything is connected'...

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Monarch Butterflies

There is nothing more stunning than watching new life emerge.

Read more about 'Monarch Butterflies'...

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Have a Go Hockey

Everyone had lots of fun including the coach who thought everyone was very polite and gave everything a try. Read more about 'Have a Go Hockey'...

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All About Me by Libby

Why I had to do the All About Me project.

I had to complete this project because it was a follow up activity after my writing goal workshop. I loved doing this activity because it was fun and it made me think about who I am and what I like to do in my after school world.

I think I was working at an extended abstract level.  (SOLO Taxonomy)

By Libby

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