A Science Mystery

Miss Woodcock discovered a science experiment for us to do, although we didn’t really have to do anything except observe. Because scientists need to observe, and wait (and wait….) she thought we should have a go - at waiting.

Our observation experiment is called ‘Disappearing Egg’ and takes a few days.


Mmmm what will happen if

First, Miss Woodcock described the experiment - a jar is not quite filled with white vinegar then an egg is put in.

That’s it! That doesn’t sound very exciting!

Then we brainstormed our ideas about what would happen to the egg.


Ok - the egg is in the vinegar

Next Miss Woodcock poured the vinegar into the jar and then carefully put the egg in - we aren’t sure why we weren’t allowed to do that...

We observed straight away that the egg got tiny bubbles all over it. It looks really funny in the jar, like it has grown really big, but we now know that that is because of the shape of the jar that makes the egg look different, it is still the same size.


The next day - a blob has appeared.

The next day we noticed that there was a brown blob hanging off the side of the egg. We didn’t expect that.


Our 'blob' has bubbles

The day after that the brown blob had grown some big bubbles.

We wonder what our egg will look like next week when we get back to school - you’ll have to come back to see - or come into the class.

1. mmm what will happen if