ALiM maths

ALiM stands for Accelerated Learning in Maths and is a programme intended to elevate the maths learning of those students who are just below the required maths standard for their age. It is a 15 week programme and for the students not in my class, we meet every afternoon from Monday to Thursday.

I had identified a common need in this group to support their fractions learning and to deepen their understanding of place value. I designed a questionnaire for all students so that I could understand their attitudes to maths and how they like to learn. This showed that they did not recognise everyday applications of the maths that they learn. As a result, I recognised that I needed to reinforce and make links with real life scenarios via the problems that I set.

There is a group expectation that we work and play hard in our learning time and students complete a follow up task at the end of each session. As a group, we jointly created group rules so that we all feel confident to take learning risks and give it a go. Mistakes are seen as our early attempts in learning.


Solving problems


Using materials to work things out


Problem solving is fun!


We help each other and share our thinking


Our ideas for group rules

ALIM1 2018