Book Hedgehogs

In the first week of Term 4, Te Mihi Community got creative with some unwanted books (thank you, Penny!) We used online instructions to fold the many pages of the books, cut the covers to shape, and attach the eyes and nose. Some people used toothpicks to mimic the spikes of a hedgehog. We really focused on following the instructions and it allowed us to reuse the books in a novel way.

Angela was a little bit troubled by the fact that the books weren't being read. So as she read a page, she folded a page. Her hedgehog took a bit longer to create but she could tell us what the story was about! We really admire her respect for literature!


That's how it's done - one page at a time


Katie overcame injury to complete her book hedgehog


Who is folding and who is reading?


Very creative


Caitlyn's finished book hedgehog

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