Buddy Class - Rocket Fun


Lucas and his Buddy

Room 9 and Room 3 are buddy classes and we love getting together and helping each other.

Room 9 are learning about ‘FLIGHT’ in their inquiry time so recently Room 3 visited Room 9 and helped them to construct Paper and Straw Rockets. This is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activity, we had to problem solve and find out how the two straws would launch the rocket.

Room 3 students helped their buddies to colour in and cut out their rockets then experimented how to attach the two straws to enable the rocket to be launched and watch it fly through the air. We talked about aerodynamics and repulsion. When we had all made our rockets, we had races to see how high and far our rockets could fly. We experimented with angles and considered how hard we had to blow the straw. It was a fun afternoon.




Delta and her Buddy




Launching Rocket

Rocket Launch