Catch Me Catching The Ball with Youth Town Coaches

In Room 8 we have been practising skills for passing and throwing to enhance our physical fitness and personal well-being.  

We are also developing a positive attitude towards physical activities and building ways of successful interactions and relationships with others.  We always enjoy our ball skill lessons and our coaches are the best. They support us to understand what will help to perfect the ball skill and do this in interesting ways.









Baylee -I learnt how to hold a ball and throw it properly. The Youth town coaches were very helpful and have neat games.

Imogen -I like playing with others from my class and playing the games which help be to become better at working with others.

Havoc - I liked it because I was learning how to pass a ball and now I can use these skills when I play rugby.

Riley - I loved learning to pass the rugby ball and I thought it was worth learning.

Key words: Physical activity, Ball skills, outdoor education, relationships, well-being, passing and throwing                              

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