Hamilton Hydroponics Trip and Leavers Garden bridge

As part of our Hydroponics Unit planning, we went to view Rhodes Street School’s (Hamilton) unit which they set up approx. 6 years ago. Read more about 'Hamilton Hydroponics Trip and Leavers Garden bridge'...

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Rubbish Audit

Paper We have been experimenting with different types of paper to see how well they break down when wet. A big concern is paper hand towels being used in the toilets. Read more about 'Rubbish Audit'...

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Week 9 Term 1 Natural and Man-Made

This week we did an article for the school newsletter with our focus on 'Rubbish’. Friday’s assembly (hosted by the enviro students) carries the same messages. Read more about 'Week 9 Term 1 Natural and Man-Made'...

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Gully Tyre Stairs

This afternoon Tayla, Kruz and Teah presented our Hydroponic Unit Proposal to the school’s Board of Trustees and Management. Read more about 'Gully Tyre Stairs'...

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Red Dot Tree

We began planning for our presentation at week 10’s assembly tackling the issue of RUBBISH. 'What do you want the rest of the school/community to know and what do we... Read more about 'Red Dot Tree'...

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Unveilling of carving

Today we begin the next stage of our journey and look forward to welcoming new members into our group. We will continue with programmes and projects which are successfully running in our school and community as well looking to future initiatives.

Read more about 'Unveilling of carving'...

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Over the holiday break

The maze has survived the hot weather very well and has become overgrown and it’s in need of a major tidy up. Read more about 'Over the holiday break'...

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Enviro Hamilton Zoo

Enviroschools Workshop Day held at Hamilton Zoo today. 240 students from throughout the Waikato region attended.

Read more about 'Enviro Hamilton Zoo'...

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Enviro Picture Boards

Picture Boards - during Term 4 we have been designing and making 'picture boards’ using nature and recycled items found at school.

Read more about 'Enviro Picture Boards'...

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Enviro Final Assembly

Final Assembly Wairakei Primary School Enviro Award for 2012.

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