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Room 2 students have been observing, describing and comparing physical, chemical and climate changes this term

Two students observed that if they rubbed their hair on their hoodies or a balloon their hair would stand on end due to being charged with static electricity.

We tried to push a skewer through balloon to see if we could change the physical appearance of the balloon, using detergent to help the skewer go through the balloon.  

Similarly, when we made our amazing milk designs we observed when the detergent was added to the milk and food colouring it made amazing designs because the milk and food colouring were pushed away from the detergent.

When we made our butter we added a ¼ litre of cream to a jar and we shook it a lot so that it would change into butter. What we noticed is that it went through a couple of changes. One change was that it looked like cheese, very lumpy and then it went into a ball and water separated from the mixture.  We poured off the liquid and what was left was butter. We ate our butter on toast and it was yummy.

Other change elements that we noticed in our environment were that in our world we have seasons and they change from summer, spring, autumn to winter. This is the same for the water cycle whereby the water changes into different forms depending on what part of the cycle it is on.


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