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Term 3 - Chapter Chat - The Sasquatch Escape


Chapter Chat

Room 3 is part of a New Zealand school initiative called Chapter Chat, we read a book in class and there are lots of cool activities to do around the story. Then on Friday between 10-11a.m, we twitter chat with over 100 other Year 3 & 4 classrooms across New Zealand. We share our work and answer 10 questions about the chapters we have just read.


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Our class twitter account is a closed private account only viewed by the schools participating in Chapter Chat. It is providing a safe authentic way to share our learning with others around New Zealand. Making Room 3 21st Century Learners.

It is so much fun, and we really enjoy commenting on other children’s work. We found out facts about the author Suzanne Selfors. Suzanne is following our tweets and commented on some of our work. The organiser of Chapter Chat emailed Suzanne and she replied, here is her reply:

Hi Mark.

Chapter Chat... It sounds like a great way to get your students excited about reading and also learning about the power of social media.

Here's a reply for your students:

Hello to my lovely New Zealand readers. How I have longed to travel to your country. I think it is a bit like the Pacific Northwest where I live. On one side of my island there is a rainforest (where Sasquatch lives), the mountains and the ocean. On the other side of my island, there are forests and more mountains. It's green here. Very green, which I love. One day I hope to travel to your end of the world.

I hope you are enjoying the Sasquatch Escape. I had fun writing about Ben and Pearl. My favorite character is Mr. Tabby. If you continue the series and read book #5, The Griffin's Riddle, you will learn about Mr. Tabby's secret.

Some of you have learned some facts about me, and yes, I do eat chocolate every day. I still have one dog named Skylos and one cat named Daisy. But now we also have a rat named Sweetie. (She belongs to my daughter. I am not fond of rats but what can I do?) Other things you might not know - I'm a dancer. Right now I'm learning how to Lindy Hop and Fox Trot. I also love riding my bike.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos on twitter. Thanks for reading my book. Happy Reading everyone!


Very exciting to communicate with the author of the book we are reading in class and to be able to share our work with her.


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