Cubist Artists

To follow on from our learning about Abstract Art we have learnt a little about Cubist Artists and looked at some of their art, especially Picasso.

Making our own cubist art pictures was another great way for us to practice using our hand muscles correctly, especially because there was a lot of colouring to do. Miss Woodcock has noticed that so many more of us are taking our time to produce very good work. We are learning not to rush because taking a bit more time means we have a better piece of work when we have finished. We are also getting very good at staying within the lines - and the shapes we were colouring were not very big.

After colouring and cutting the shapes, we spent lots of time coming up with different combinations to create Cubist pictures.

We have created many different types of pictures using the shapes, including cars, rockets, people, animals or a mismatch of shapes.


Colouring the shapes


Bright colours make a good picture


Cutting skills practice


Different combinations of shapes


Creating a cubist picture


Finishing touches


Working out positioning


Isaac s finished Cubist art


Completed Cubist art

3. Cutting skills practice