Egg Drop Challenge

As part of our Functions inquiry, some of us decided to take on the 'Egg Drop Challenge'. This involved us completing a Mission Log to explore our ideas and develop a prototype to help our egg survive a drop from the top of the senior playground climbing wall. Interestingly, our test egg survived the drop onto the soft bark without protection! So we had a practice round and then moved our challenge to near the Elephant House at the top of a ladder. The concrete proved to be a better landing area and this quickly sorted the more effective prototypes. There were all kinds of designs - some balloons, parachutes (mostly plastic bags and one made from real parachute material), and spongy materials. We found that the eggs survived the best when they were surrounded by supportive materials. We really enjoyed making our ideas a reality and we have to admit - we did love it when the eggs broke!


Billy and Angus show their prototype


The drop zone


Connor's egg was very protected by bubble wrap


The more parachutes the better?


The big test


Did it survive?

eggdrop2016 5930