Elliot’s Experiment

In Room 14 we have been learning about flight.  

Elliot brought in an experiment about hot air balloons to share with the class.  He brought in three candles and some light weight plastic bags (like the ones you put your fruit and vegetables in at the supermarket).  Luckily Mrs Sprague had some matches (for scientific purposes only) and he was able to share his experiment with the class.

Elliot carefully put the plastic bag above the three burning candles.  We saw the plastic bag full of air and then lift off into flight.  It was really amazing to watch.  We talked about that it was because hot air rises that the bag took off. The candles made the air inside the plastic bag warm.

Mrs Sprague found a guided reading book called First Flight that taught us about how and when the hot air balloon was first invented.  This was a really interesting story. We saw the experiment Elliot did in the story. The inventors actually thought it was gases from smoke that made the hot air balloon fly not the hot air.  We also found the first hot air balloon was held together by thousands of buttons.  And, most interestingly,  the first passengers to fly in a hot air balloon were a duck, a sheep and a rooster.  This was because the king forbids any people to go up in hot air balloon because they did not know if people could breathe the air up high.


I felt worried that the classroom was going to catch on fire.  I had the water bottle, just in case - I was the fire brigade.

Max H

The bag nearly caught on fire because it got really close to the candles. Luckily Elliot caught it before it caught on fire.


I thought the experiment was never going to work.  Then I thought wow it does work.


I wonder why the plastic bag twisted while it was floating?


Elliot had to catch the bag because it nearly caught on fire.  There was a safety line and we had to stay back.


While Elliot was doing his experiment we had to stay back because we did not want any accidents or anyone to get burnt.


Room 14 watching Elliot's experiment_


The bag is taking off and we are amazed


The candles are lit and the bag begins to fill with hot air


The hot air is making the balloon fly_


We found a guided reading book that taught us about the history of the invention of the hot air balloon

Room 14 watching Elliots experiment 2