Enviro activities with Senior School Enrichments sessions

During Term 3 of 2011 we incorporated Enviro activities with Senior School Enrichments sessions. Our students made paper plant pots from recycled newspapers and planted seeds. Our Enviro Group numbers rose to 32 members and the school supported us by providing an enviro session every Friday morning.

A new venture this year was spinning wool. With the assistance of parent helper, Helen Cowell, students have been using treadmill style spinning wheels to turn wool fibre into knittable yarn.

Gully Area: after many years of indecision and uncertainty of ownership, we confirmed the Gully does belong to the school. Enviro Group students, with the help of Taupo Corrections Dept workers, set about clearing the huge amount of blackberry, weeds and rubbish that had accumilated over many years. Taupo Native Plant Nursery donated 500 Native plants which school students planted during the last two weeks of Term 4.

In December, five students travelled to Hamilton and attended an Enviro Workshop and celebrations for Enviroschools 10th Birthday.

In 2011 we received

  • Enviroschools Most Outstanding Enviro Group 2011 for the Taupo Region
  • Enviroschools Most Outstanding Lead Teacher 2011 for the Taupo Region

Sustainabillty is a main factor in any projects we undertake and operate within our community.081-2012-05-20-m4aqeiTeYE1r4itdv.png083-2012-05-20-m4aqatMV9E1r4itdv.png085-2012-05-20-m4aq3z1fLl1r4itdv.png082-2012-05-20-m4aqcgvOrA1r4itdv.png087-2012-01-06-lxciklpCCe1r4itdv.png079-2012-05-20-m4aqhqvhDY1r4itdv.png080-2012-05-20-m4aqfxhMtp1r4itdv.png084-2012-05-20-m4aqa64Qkx1r4itdv.png086-2012-05-20-m4aq2tnYcR1r4itdv.png

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