Enviro Frogs New Habitat

Frogs New Habitat

The pond may be little at present, however it now houses our latest addition in the Aquaponics Unit - baby frogs (oh, so cute). Enviro students came in earlier this week to set up the pond.


Students in Room 9 lovingly look after tadpoles and now that they are transforming into frogs we decided to extend their stay in our school. The pond is providing an extra learning opportunity for the children.


When the frogs are bigger, they will be free to roam the Aquaponic grow beds and tanks.

Vege Garden Winter Planting

Students planted cauliflower, green and red cabbage and leeks in our outside garden beds. With warm temperatures still around, they should get a good start.


It was also Grandparents Day so the children were able to show families their skills, share their knowledge and show them what we do.


Beetroot grows well in our Aquaponics Unit.

It has a lovely vibrant colour and sweet tasting. Yuummmm, they are delicious roasted.


Can you find me