Enviro Pet Day Stall

WORMS - The worm farm is doing very well. We feed them once a week at present.They appear to have increased in numbers and grown much bigger than when we started the farm.

Pet Day Stall - this year the enviro students are running a stall. We planted seeds before the holidays and most of them have grown. We will sell them, along with some potted flowers/ground covers/succulents that have been seperated and potted. Fire lighters made from dried Cabbage Tree leaves will be sold in bags of 10.

The school’s PTA, who run Pet Day as a fundraiser for senior camps, have agreed that the Enviro Group can keep the money raised from our stall. Funds will be used towards future projects. We apprecriate and thank them for their support.

We all worked together to make and decorate the sign for our stall. Cody and Tayla, R2, have made posters to promote our stall.



By the type of rubbish collected today, much of this is from the wind blowing rubbish up into the gully that is dumped on State Highway 1 or not securely put into bins.


Lunchtime/Breaks - Tyla and Lily were happily engaged doing some gardening in the junior area. These two self motivated young ladies can often be found working on projects during breaks or before school.


Room 3 student’s inquiry learning topic is 'Enterprise’. Look what I spied! Tyla’s glasses show our Enviro Group and activities as her inspiration.

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