Enviroschools Hamilton Parade

Due to Term 4 being extremely busy, a decision was made not to attend this year … However, a last 'minute’  rethink and with Amanda, our Area Facilitator, co-ordinating vehicle hire and paper work, the trip was all go. With two vans, twelve students (plus two meet us in Hamilton) and four parents we left school at 7am and joined the street parade through Hamilton’s main centre with other Waikato schools. Then we were entertained by local theatre and music groups as well as stilt walkers. 



We heard on the grapevine that there were 'lots’ of goldfish swimming in the upper Waikato River, around the Karapiro area. On the way home, armed with our little nets and buckets at the ready, we stopped at Hora Hora. The children had a wonderful time in the water - engari, No goldfish! Oh well, we will follow up our other supply sources.


We made masks and outfits to show our local Atua - gods of the volcanoes/geothermal and water/land.

Thank you to Amanda, Kathy, Cory and Daniel for driving the vans and coming along and supporting us.

Go tho the following link to check out the parade. We have a short cameo.


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