Equal Sharing

In Room 13 we are learning about equal sharing.

Amelia’s definition of equal sharing is: “it means that if I have 10 stickers my friend and me get the same amount if I share them between us”.


Amelia shared 8 cubes between 4 people

Our first try at sharing out an even number of things was sharing out stickers between two ‘hands’, making sure that each ‘hand’ got the same amount. Some of us shared 6 stickers between our 2 ‘hands’ while some of us who needed a bigger challenge so shared out 12, 16 or 18 stickers.


Finn sharing 18 cubes between 3 people

We wanted a harder challenge so challenged ourselves to share between 4. Miss Woodcock drew a square onto the whiteboard (we pretended it was a piece of bread). We learned that when a piece of bread is cut into 4 that each bit is called a quarter. We then had to share out 8 ‘chocolate chips’ so that each quarter got the same amount. We are just learning how to do this so we shared the ‘chocolate chips’ out one by one (Miss Woodcock drew them into each quarter for us). Many of us thought this was a slow way of sharing - we wondered if there could be a faster way to share?


Molly shared 24 cubes between 4 people

Because sharing is a great thing to do amongst friends we had a go at sharing out groups of cubes between 2 or 4 people (except Finn who wanted a different challenge so he shared his cubes between 3 people). See our photos to see how well we did. This was a great hands-on activity and a fun way to practice sharing.

Molly figured out that if she shared out her cubes in groups of 2 it was a quicker way to share - faster than sharing one by one.

As Molly discovered, sharing using groups is faster so for many of us our next learning steps will be to share things out in small groups instead of one by one.

“If you have 16 apples and you need to share them between 4 people, how many apples would each person get?” Off to work we went with apples (counters) and four circles. “I get 4 and so do 3 my friends” decided Trend. Many of us practised using small groups to share out the ‘apples’ instead of one by one.


Our word sentences about sharing


Our challenge question


Sharing our 16 apples

4. Molly shared 24 cubes between 4 people