Fantastic role models inspire the Te Mihi team

As part of our Dare to Care inquiry this term, the Te Mihi team have had some visits from people in our community who are making a difference.


David Trewavas

Our first visitor was David Trewavas the mayor of Taupo. He talked about the importance of being kind to people you work with and how we can give back to our community. It was great to be able to ask him questions about his work and why he chose to stand for mayor.


Gold Duke of Edinburgh recipients

Three students from Taupo nui a tia college came to talk about completing their gold Duke of Edinburgh awards. They explained what they had to do to earn this and why they wanted to do it. They also talked about the rewards they felt they had got from this journey. Our students certainly felt inspired with the majority being keen to give this a go when they had the opportunity.


U19 Rugby players

3 Hawkes Bay U19 rugby players came to talk to us about what it took to play sport at a high level. They talked about the importance of being a good person before being a good rugby player and how you couldn’t be one without the other. They also talked to us about being in the ‘red zone’ (angry, stressed, overwhelmed) and how to get back into being in the ‘blue zone’ (calm, making good decisions). A fantastic message!


Syrie_ Amelia_ Ariana _ Krystal with Carol Lamb


Carol Lamb talks to our team

Carol Lamb was invited in to talk to our team by Ariana’s Dare to Care group. She shared some amazing (and unbelievable) facts about the rubbish she has picked up in our local environment and why she does what she does. She is an outstanding example of someone who makes a difference in our community. It was great for Ariana and her team to present her with the money they had raised in their bake sale.

Very engaged Te Mihi students