Our PTA and Enviro Group are doing a joint clothes recycling fundraiser this term. Half of the money raised will go towards our Aquaponics Unit.

We are continuing to sell our fire lighters this year. Students collect dry leaves, then make/package these during lunch breaks and during our Friday sessions. Worm Tea is collected and bottled every two days.Students made an 'order form’ today which will be sent home to families.

Today, we began work on our Koru Carving with the assistance of Jono. Using a template, we drew the outline onto the Hebel block. Then we took the block outside and began sawing away the larger excess pieces - this will make the shaping easier. Students took turns working with Jono. The off-cuts are being kept to make small sculptures at a later stage.



We put masks on to protect us from the dust.




Ashleigh makes the order form.



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