Fusing plastic bags

As part of our 'Make a Difference inquiry', we have been looking at how to reuse items, rather than recycle them.

Only a very small percentage of plastic bags are recycled, so we wondered if there is a better way to make a difference. We found an online article about ‘fusing’ plastic bags, which means joining them to each other. One person had made placements and we wanted to try it.

We read about how to do it. We needed an iron, lots of plastic bags from home, parchment paper (which is like baking paper) and an airy space because of the smell and fumes.

We followed the instructions on the video here and then cut it to shape. We even tried painting our creations which were not very successful. It was fun to experiment.

We want to make more of these placements so feel free to drop off any unused plastic bags to Room 8 and we will make a difference.


Savannah has all the equipment ready


We quickly discovered the plastic bags melted onto the iron if we didn't keep the baking paper in place


Successful fusing!


Adam was happy with his fusing


James has the knack just right

4 Adam was happy with his fusing