Get NZ Writing - we got mail

Room 8 was excited to receive not one but two packages by courier this week! We took part in the Get NZ Writing initiative, through Warehouse Stationery and Schoolkit.

For the school component, our class was paired with other classes around New Zealand. We then had to write metaphors on the back of each of the 32 postcards, as well as fill-out a large information poster about ourselves (for example, how many of us can roll our tongues and where do our parents come from around the world.

It was a rush to get it done but very rewarding as we opened our packages and saw many colourful and original postcards. Our packages came from St Anne’s School in Wellington and Waikanae School in Waikanae. One of the most interesting parts of this challenge was the realisation that very few children had ever written or received a postcard. We were glad for the opportunity to remedy that.


Learning all about other schools


A secret map of their classroom


Hope shares a metaphor


Cameron reads a message from a new buddy


One class was Year 5_6 like us


We admired their handiwork


It says, 'Talk with people who help you see the world differently'


A special moment

A special moment