Going Global

In Room 4 we have been learning all about Going Global.

We have learnt about what it means to Go Global and what we can do to help save our planet. We came up with some ideas of what we can do to help save nature (trees) and wildlife on our earth because we discovered a thing called plastic pollution.


This is what Tia and Laila have been collecting over a couple of lunchtimes.

We have been looking at different kinds of current events such as, what we can do to reuse plastic bottles and what Coca- Cola are doing about it. We have also looked at how we can try and reduce the amount of plastic wrapping we are using in our lunch box, and lastly tiny plastic big problem in our ocean.


We were lucky enough to have a guest speaker from Total Sport - Bevan Thompson. Total sport run lots of different events within our local region such as the Taupo marathon, Taupo ultramarathon, Kinloch off-road challenge plus many more.

He shared with us what they have implemented to reduce the amount of plastic they are using per event. They were using about 800-1000 zip ties per event bearing in mind they run 18 events a year that's roughly 16,200 zip ties per year. The solution they came up with was to buy reusable zip ties that you push a button and it releases them meaning they are reusable them over and over again.


Isla said you could also use the old ones are bracelets.

Other things that Total sport have come up with is how they have put a stop to all plastic markers. They have made their own markers out of fabric that have a peg on top that they then can peg onto a tree instead of tying plastic markers around the tree and just pulling it off.

Lastly what the students found amazing was the reusable cups that they are using. Total Sport no longer has any kinds of plastic cup at their events. All competitors need to bring their own if they are wanting a drink.





Thank you, Bevan Thompson, for coming and inspiring us to make a change.


Keywords: Plastic, Pollution, Total Sport

2019 Aratiatia GoingGlobal 09