Growing Tunnel Build Day

Ernest, from FlexiTunnel, called in today to touch base with us and check our construction of the tunnel. We have a couple of minor adjustments to make. He provides excellent support for us.

It was cold and wet outside - inside our tunnel was warm and dry. Beautiful!

Aquaponics Unit

Growing Tunnel Build Day  -  Saturday August 9, 2014

With the help and expertise of our wonderful parents, who turned up for an early start on a chilly Taupo weekend morning, we constructed the growing tunnel for our Aquaponics Unit.

A huge thank you to; Andrew M., Henry T., Kim & Connor S., Gary P., Steve S. and Myles, Amanda and Teah, Darryn Mc. and Tariana. Ms Fitzsimmons and Serenity were there too.


Next the front doors are put in place and work perfectly.


Myles worked hard all day helping the 'guys’ and cleaning up around the buildings


We start putting the frame in place.


The cover goes on.


The finished tunnel. (It looks small, however, remember it’s sitting at ground level inside the old pool.It is 11 metres long.


Yahoo! “our tunnel is up - and it’s soooo warm in here”.


The ventilation window is fitted.


Amanda, Teah, Myles and Diana - very proud Enviro Group members.


The securing beading is put in place and then the tension ropes put on.


Checking the instructions


Andrew puts the base frames in place.

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