The seat and garden are all donated by the Ward family

During the week, a hard working team - Roz, Gavin, Joe McC., and Jono have made a new garden between R9 and the path to the hall. They dug, filled with top soil, planted and put the lovely new seat in position. The seat and garden are all donated by the Ward family.


Jono Painter – as well as being our ‘master of carving’, we welcome Jono as our school’s new caretaker.192-2014-05-25-n63xf2Aqxj1r4itdv.png191-2014-05-25-n63xg1ymFV1r4itdv.png


Work continues on the sculpture with students rotating around activities so everyone gets a turn.


Roz even found time to re-freshen the gardens by the junior classrooms


Sulize and Chloe take the minutes at todays session.


Taking turns doing more work on the sculpture, labeling worm tea bottles, making firelighters, collecting cabbage tree leaves, vege garden lawns mowed, students took lots of photos.187-2014-05-25-n63xq2SpqW1r4itdv.png190-2014-05-25-n63xh4zmeT1r4itdv.png


Cleaning up and putting equipment away at the end of each session is important and a job the students do well.


The sculpture we had made for Roz.189-2014-05-25-n63xjqR5y81r4itdv.png


Roz and Gavin donated this beautiful seat and garden to the school.


We wish you all the best in Taranaki and will miss you both heaps.

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