Gully trees to be removed

Even though it’s been rather wet this week, we achieved a lot today. Students labelled recycled containers for our worm tea, collected cabbage tree leaves and started making fire lighters to cover the impending winter orders. Benny and Myles showed some of our group members how to strain and bottle the worm tea. These boys do an amazing job.

We finished today’s session with a small treat of popcorn and biscuits to celebrate the busy term we’ve had including hosting an assembly and, at short notice, performing the play.

Well done to you all.

April - over the school holidays, the trees lining our gully are meant to be removed. They are old, have bugs and therefore are a risk to our students and buildings. It will be very bare and cold with them gone.


25th April 2014 - The trees that lined the Gully are down.


The big shady silver birch tree which stood by the caretakers shed has also been removed as it was rotten all down one side.



Oh No!!!!! our trees have to go


This is the view, from State Highway 1, of our school/community hall. Before the trees were removed, you could not see the hall or Play Centre buildings.

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