Hamilton Hydroponics Trip and Leavers Garden bridge

As part of our Hydroponics Unit planning, we went to view Rhodes Street School’s (Hamilton) unit which they set up approx. 6 years ago. The group also visited the museum to check out our display board and on the way home, we called into Stockers Agricultural Ltd (Cambridge) to check out growing system options. We have gained a huge amount of information from these visits and thank Rhodes Street School for their support. Thanks also to Rotary Taupo for the use of their Community Coach enabling us to take a group of 7 students and 3 adults.


Alistair (Caretaker/Enviro) at Rhodes Street School shows our students how it all works.


Our students were given a very informative tour of their projects.


Wayne at Stockers Agriculture Ltd shows the students the type of growing system we will need.



Shifting the dirt by hand was a big job. Lucky us! Mr Grant arrived with his tractor and helped us. We have amazing parents in our community and we appreciate you all.


Dirt On The Move! - The saying goes, “many hands makes light work” but this was one very big job. Students came out during lunchtime to start forming the raised side area in our Leavers Garden.



The Ward Family delivered our bridge for the Leavers garden on Fathers Day.


it was put into position, levels checked and concreted in place.


Students place the planks into position and make sure the edges are even.


Students work together to screw the planks into place.

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