Horrible Hands of Room 5

It was an ordinary reading workshop until someone spotted the instructions for making ‘Horrible Hands’ in a School Journal.

We weren’t even reading that story but thought it looked like fun and it reminded us of the pranks being pulled in our class story, ‘The Terrible Two’. So Mrs Graham promised us we could try it.


The instructions we read and checked


We mixed the ingredients


Here are the other things we needed

We prepared what we needed and borrowed food colouring from Whaea Angel. We read the instructions closely and made plans with a buddy about how we would make the hands. Luckily Rhonda was on board and we had a place to freeze them.


Nick and Donald have sealed the liquid in... we hope


This was a fiddly part


Not yet frozen


Thanks Rhonda for your help

We had lots of great questions:

  • Why do the gloves feel like skin when they are frozen?
  • What makes it freeze like that?
  • Would the hands look different if we left them for an extra day?
  • Will they stick together?
  • What if we bent the fingers first?
  • Can ice bend?
  • What is the quickest way to get the hands out?
  • Can I eat the whole hand?
  • Why did my hand melt so fast even on a cold day?
  • What are all those spikes inside the ice?

All this discussion and the wet nature of the task made for some fun learning. As far as we know, no one hid their horrible hand in the sandpit as a prank but we did show (and scare) some juniors.


Who needs an icepack


Somewhat colder when frozen




Something terrible happened here


Much fun was had

Watch the video here. Wait for the surprise at the end. Students record their own learning. 

12 Something terrible happened here