Student-led hoverboard lessons

Cooper is a pro on his hoverboard at home and when he heard that Mrs Graham had one but couldn't ride it, he saw an opportunity for a student-led workshop. He had to plan the workshop, including the success criteria, and how he would actually support Mrs Graham to get mobile on her hoverboard. Mrs Graham was a keen yet tricky student, as she lacked confidence. Cooper was very supportive, and so were the other group members, Angus and CJ.

Mrs Graham ticked off three success criteria:

1. Get on the hoverboard.

2. Get off the hoverboard.

3. Move forward (slowly).

All of these are much harder than they sound, Mrs Graham assures us. Next week's lesson, move a bit faster and turn on purpose!


Chrissy-Lee watches on in amazement


Skilled riders & teachers


Mrs Graham braves the concrete


Making it look too easy

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