It's as Big as Jupiter

Last term in our VLNP Astonomy class we had an end of term 'show us what you know quiz'. It turns out we know more than anyone, in the entire country, who goes to VLNP Astronomy class, because we won the quiz. We were like 'wow' because we are the best Astronomists for our age group.

The VLNP is the Virtual Learning Network Primary which allows us to learn more without taking time off school to learn cool things like Astronomy. Each week on Thursday at 10am, we Skype our teacher and work in our online WeLearn class  to learn about Astronomy. 

Did you know that there is a star millions of times bigger than our sun. What is the star called? 

Other students in our school are working in the VLNP doing Spanish, French, Computer Science, German, Mandarin and Te Reo.

We are very lucky to be able to do this and two of our teachers teach in the VLNP, teaching Maths extension and Japanese, this enables us to participate in our classes. This is called reciprocity.

By Jed, Jacob and Megan