Junior Swimming Timetable and Information

Dear Parents and Caregivers.

Junior school swimming will be starting next week Monday April 4, 2016. Each class in the Te Huka team will be taking part every day until Friday April 15, 2016 April.

Swimming is a vital part of the school curriculum and an essential life-saving skill.  It is great that we get to utilise the AC Baths for its swimming programme with trained tutors. These tutors will provide an excellent programme that will help ensure your child is well prepared to be safe near and in water. The lessons are funded by Contact Energy as part of their committment to the local community.

It is an expectation that each child takes part unless there is a note from parents.

Students will be taken on a bus to the AC Baths.  The swimming timetable is below. Parents are very welcome to come along and watch a lesson.

Room number

Leaving school

        Lesson time

      Back at school


11.15 am


12.15 pm


11.45 am


12.45 pm


12.15 pm


1.15 pm


12.45 pm


2.15 pm


1.15 pm


2.15 pm


Swimming Lessons

Please ensure your child comes to school every day with togs, towel, plastic bag and a school jersey to wear to and from school.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact your child’s teacher.

1Swimming at AC Baths 2014 opt