Keith Haring Art

Room 3 have been learning about how people use art to communicate a message for ‘change’.

We have been learning about the 1980’s as part of our Change Inquiry and we looked at the artworks by Keith Haring, a 1980’s Artist.


Keith Haring art

As an art student in 1980, Keith Haring found a highly effective medium that allowed him to communicate to the world: he created drawings on unused advertising panels in the New York subway system. Haring produced hundreds of these public drawings. We are learnt how his art was designed to carry a message to the public about love and war to inspire change.

Our artworks are in the style of Keith Haring. We have tried to capture movement in our artwork. Some of our production dance moves are in our artwork. We have learnt about repetition, echo and contour lines and repeated patterns. It was a lot of fun creating these artworks, we are very proud of them.


Keith Haring-Nick


Keith Haring - Jasimyn


Keith Haring - Izzy


Keith Haring - Fergus

Class Keith Haring