Te Karere Interview

Lake Taupo Caravan Club Aquaponics Visit - Saturday August 29, 2015

This morning members attending the LTCC weekend meeting, held on school grounds, checked out our unit and were ‘amazed’ with our project.


Lake Taupo Caravan Club Aquaponics Visit

Tuesday August 25, 2015 - Te Karere Interview

Wow! Talk about short notice.

Early this morning (8:30am), we received a phone call from TV One Te Karere news reporters requesting an interview and filming of the Aquaponics Unit. They arrived shortly after. Gypsy, Jake, Sulize, Pieter, Myles and Rose quickly composed themselves and were true professionals throughout the whole procedure. Amanda, Ms Fitzsimmons and Mrs Farquhar (Principal) were all included as well. Mr Farquhar came out with his trusty camera to capture the special event and provide a record of the morning.

The item went to air on Thursday afternoon, is now on YouTube and creating a lot of interest.

Hinerangi Goodman and Zane Willis (cameraman) were excellent to work with and put everyone instantly at ease.


Gypsy interviews TV One Te Karere cameraman, Zane

Monday August 24, 2015 - Rotary Group Presentation

After a beautiful dinner with group members, Teah and Rose confidently gave a presentation on our Aquaponics Unit.

As happens in life, Myles was sick on the day. With students leading our projects, Rose was very capable of stepping into his role at short notice.

Well done Teah and Rose.


Teah and Rose presenters to Rotary Express Group

Friday August 21, 2015 Assembly hosted by the Student Enviro Group

Preparing a presentation for assembly is a true challenge when we are also doing swimming lessons, assessments and being involved in a variety of science based shows, as well as our normal daily lessons.

As part of being Empowered students, we have become confident at giving any presentation our best.

Our message and theme for today was Global Issues and Local Realities.

We addressed some of the world’s leading concerns including:

Water, food shortages, over population, pollution, climate change


'Tia' the Kea (aka Taryn)


Arliyah shares her ideas on water shortages


Gypsy and the 'Kea' show how the water testing is done


Tia the Kea

The school  also celebrated and raised funds for Red Nose Day by holding a Mufti Day (hence we are not in our beautiful uniforms)


Red Nose Day

Sunday August 9, 2015 - Mini Tidy Up Day

Today we broom-cleaned the fish and sump tank. The units were topped up with rainwater. With the colder weather, the fish are not feeding as much however we still give them a few pellets every couple of days.

We planted three Corokia in the Brain Maze which were donated by our families.

The cabbage tree leaves which John had piled up for us, while trimming the trees away from the security fence, were collected up and put inside to dry out.

Enviro Group Session Friday August 7, 2015

Today we spent the session discussing Global and Local Issues and how we are making a difference. We will collate this into our next  assembly presentation as well as a base for our Enviroschools End of Year Workshop Expo being held in Hamilton.

Two Upcoming Presentations - Aquaponics Unit

On Monday August 24 -  Myles, Teah, Amanda and Ms Fitzsimmons will attend the Rotary Club of monthly meeting to explain how our Unit works.

Then, on the weekend of August 29/30, the Caravan Club are coming to view our setup.

R10 Bearded Dragon Lizard  Tuesday August 4, 2015

Callen’s mum brought his beautiful lizard into school today and we all had the opportunity to have a close encounter with this amazing (and placid) reptile.

We learnt that the lizard is pretty much vegetarian - he gets hypo when he eats meat.


Room 10 Bearded Dragon Lizard August 2015

Unit Water Tank August 3, 2015

The piping has been connected to allow collection of rainwater from the roof into our tank. This natural water will be used to top up the aquaponics unit.


Water tank up and running


Water Tank Piping


New Seats August 3, 2015 John has made us some wooden seats for inside the unit. He used the leftover timber from the grow bed setup.

Health and Safety Check 2015

As with any new project, there are always things to learn and alter. Considering the many different aspects of our enviro projects, we have covered most things fairly well and will address the issues.

NZ Gardener / Gardena Prize August 2015

Yahoo! Our Aquaponics Unit made it into the NZ Gardener Magazine for August.

The article has created much interest around the country. We enjoy sharing our journey with others and welcome any group or persons to visit.

One little ‘oops’ in the article - Amanda Jones is the Enviroschools Facilitator and Ms Fitzsimmons is the school’s enviro leader. Sorry Amanda.


NZ Gardener


Myles, Cooper, Jorja & James with the prize pack from Gardena

We have made special mini sized Worm Tea and Firelighters samples for the Student Enterprise/Initiative Expo being hosted in Taupo by Taupo District Council on August 13, 2015.


Suilize and Nyah making worm tea samples


Worm tea firelighter samples

Gypsy interviews TV One Te Karere cameraman Zane