Last Days of Summer

It was hard to believe that Summer was at an end. We had to do one last Summer activity.

Room 12 has been exploring how to create textures in different ways and we used some of these in our artwork.  


Finger dots for seeds

W.A.L.T to use different paint techniques

  1. Use a sponge to create the flesh of a watermelon.

  2. Use a paintbrush to create the rind of a watermelon.

  3. Use your little finger to create the seeds of a watermelon.


Juicy dribbles

I liked how we pressed our hands down on the sponges. I liked when you push down on the sponge and the paint comes up through it and onto your hands.


I would like to make an ice-cream out of sponges. You could just use the triangle sponges again and just get a circle.


We learned that sponges make fascinating patterns. I liked the sponges because every single watermelon was different. I would like to use the sponges again, but different shapes.


I liked using the different coloured pinks I made with mixing white and red paint.


I didn’t like using the sponges because it was too messy.


I liked using the sponges because it was messy.


I liked making the black seeds with my fingertips.



Step 3 nearly completed

Juicy dribbles3