Learnathon Celebration and Happy Meals in Room11

Room 11 won a gift certificate for a class lunch to celebrate the $1251.90 that our class raised for our school learnathon.  We had a democratic vote to decide what type of food to have at our celebration lunch and we agreed on Happy Meals from McDonalds. On Friday 19th August our Happy Meals arrived.  Special thanks to Sam and Charlotte’s mum - Tracey,  for delivering them to our class.  Our classroom smelt exactly like a McDonald’s restaurant as we set to work to ensure everyone got their right order.   Mrs Sprague was delighted that the toy inside the Happy Meal was a book and not something noisy!  Once everyone got their meals lots of smiling faces could be seen as we enjoyed our special treat.  

We got nuggets, cheeseburgers and chips and we got fruit bags and drinks.  Riley S

We ate McDonalds and I wanted to eat everyone's.  Layne.

I really like McDonalds because I really like their nuggets.  Marshall

It was awesome to have MCDonald’s at school and I think we should have it every single Friday. Jonty

In our Happy Meals we got a book and the books were the Mr Men and Little Miss books and they were cool.  Charlotte

We hope you like our photos.




What have you got?


These fries are great


It was a great day


Aren't we lucky


Superman oversees the lunch


We're pretty excited