Library Welcome

Welcome back. It has been fantastic catching up with all the students returning this year and meeting the new students to our school community. 

Our Junior and Middle School classes have been allocated a time each week to visit me in the Library. The children are able to take a book out for themselves at this time and then return it the following week to enable them to get a new one. All students require a book bag to take Library books home. This is to ensure that books do not get damaged by food and drink.

I am working closely with the Senior student teachers to organise how we are going to manage their Library visits. At this stage we have allocated three morning sessions during which time the students will be able to visit the Library to issue and return books.

I have developed a 'quiet' corner in the Library where children can read and do a jigsaw puzzle.   This has already proven to be very popular with the classes I have had visit.


The Library is closed on Fridays but if you want to call in any other day please feel free to.


Children reading 2016 opt