Life in our MLE

Every day is a busy one in Te Mihi Community.

  • We are getting pretty good at setting our timetables and checking them as the day goes on so we know what’s next.
  • We choose from our Must Do and Can Do tasks, with workshops and inquiry learning throughout the day.
  • We use devices - laptops and iPads, the Swivl, the projector.
  • We can work in groups, with a buddy or by ourselves if we prefer that.
  • We have lots to do in a day, such as follow-up tasks, so the teachers guide us. While one teacher is doing a workshop, another teacher is doing ‘learning support’ - making sure we are on track and checking up on our timetable.
  • We don’t always get it right and we do make mistakes. It is a learning curve and we are making great progress towards being self-managed learners.


Jaydiz sets his timetable


Jacob checking his timetable


Buddy learning on the iPad


Learning spelling words for the week


Emily recording a video of her 'This I Believe' writing on the Swivl


Hard at work on our devices


Saffron completes a must do her Paul Klee inspired art


Hands on maths


Getting moving

3 Learning French through VLN