Mandarin with Lihong R8

Lihong now visits our class on a Thursday morning and we are still enjoying expanding our knowledge of all things Mandarin.

We have been learning how to say the names of colours and they have some interesting names. Brown in Mandarin sounds like ‘co-fe-sa’ which means ‘coffee colour’.

We learn in a variety of ways, such as reciting, singing, drawing and through art. Today we made very cute pandas (some were fat pandas). We had to ask for our chosen piece of paper using the colour word.

Thank you, Lihong, for all the work you do in teaching us Mandarin.

Here is a video of us singing the colour song.


The pandas we made to help us remember the colour names


The characters originally came from pictures


Lihong teaches us the colour names


Learning to write the characters

Lihong teaches us the colour names