Minecraft Matariki by Adam

For Matariki in Term 2, we had to present our learning in our own way. On Minecraft I made a marae and showed the seven Matariki stars. Matariki is the Maori New Year. Matariki is a sign of the season to come. If you can see the stars clearly, it means it will be a good growing season.

You can see the fire pit for the hangi. I had to make it again because it got too hot and burned everything. Luckily the real hangi didn’t burn like that.

I made a food storage building and you can see the marae with Maori faces.

By Adam


Matariki stars shine over the marae


New crops will do well if you can see the stars clearly


The hangi pit got too hot


Inside the marae


The pataka used for food storage

5 The pataka used for food storage