Room 7 POWER celebrations

Room 7 started by collecting items that made us unique and turned these into a mobile to hang from our classroom. These were exciting as they were all different just like us.

Another part of our POWER inquiry we decided to come up with new and exciting ways to celebrate POWER at Wairakei Primary School. We started by listing all they ways we already celebrate POWER to help us come up with our new ideas.

  • Some of our ideas were… POWER Cash: you can collect POWER cash by demonstrating POWER at school.
  • POWER Rocks, Bracelets, T shirts and stalls: Using your POWER Cash you can purchase individualised items from a stall run by our senior students.

Room 7 had so much fun creating these new ideas and making the products.


Making our mobiles


Gilbert shares his mobile


POWER rocks

3 POWER Stall