Movement Exploration in Room 14

There has been lots of movement in Room 14 lately.  We have been joining with the whole Te Huka team for Movement Exploration sessions for P.E. this term.  We have been swinging, climbing, jumping skipping, hula hooping and bouncing and kicking balls.

I learnt how to do skipping. - Lizzie

I have been practicing leaping. - Te Whetu

I have learnt how to hula hoop.- Kaylie

I learnt to not kick a basketball - Elliot


Dance practice - clapping


Ashe and Kaylie practicing bouncing a ball_


Asharntay and Elliot arm hula hooping

We have been very lucky to have Max’s mum Debi come in on Tuesdays to teach us yoga.  We are learning to breathe, bend, balance, stretch our muscles  and  move in different ways.  We are also learning about being kind and humble.  

I learnt how to do the butterfly. - Piper

I like putting my feet up on top of my thighs and then pushing myself up on my hands. - Clare

I do the butterfly at yoga and gymnastics. - Lara

I like doing the snake and the hiss. - Darrius


Dance practice - kneeling down


Lennox, Ashtin and Keanu leaping


Darrius shimming along with his hands


Dance practice - skipping

And of course, we are practising our dance for the big whole school production in week seven.  We meet with the director (Mrs Painter) and she gave us some great pointers to improve our dance.  Our dance involves locomotive and non-locomotive actions. Some of us have even learnt to skip, there is quite a lot of skipping in our dance.

I have learnt to stare at a point to help me balance. - Ashtin

I like doing the skipping. - Asharntay

I like the balancing. - Tori

I like putting my forehead on the ground for the last of our seven different moves. - Baylee


Yoga with Debi


Patrick swinging on the monkey bars


Lexi and Tori Skipping

Dance practice kneeling down