Week 9 Term 1 Natural and Man-Made

This week we did an article for the school newsletter with our focus on 'Rubbish’. Friday’s assembly (hosted by the enviro students) carries the same messages.

8th April 2013 BIG NEWS

We have received a letter from our Board of Trustees in support of our proposal to build and run a Hydroponics Unit. We are now organising a trip to visit a similar unit run at Rhodes Street School in Hamilton. Well done to past and present students for their hard work on this project.

Our 2013 Term 1 school-wide topic is 'ENVIRONMENT’

Each classroom is investigating different aspects of our environments.

Examples are:

Room 1 - Alpine Regions and Balancing of the Environment - students investigated types of vegetation and the impact being placed on our alphine areas.


Room 3 - 'Natural and Man-Made’ - students chose a key word from one of the categories and had to justify why they thought it belonged there. They have also completed a section on 'Who is a Caretaker’ and what does that position entail - some examples included: our parents, school caretaker (see photo below), land owners …


Room 4 - 'National Parks’ - How Do We Protect and Sustain Our Environment. They are looking at the interventions (positive/negative) we put in place to protect our environment - ie paths, signs, predator fencing …


Room 7 - as part of their study they are also gowing seeds, monitoring growth and root development.


Rooms 5/6 - Lake Taupo - what will you find in, on and around our lake? What impact do the things we use it for have? How can we make positive changes? The classes went on a boat trip (on the Ernest Kemp) to look at different parts of the lake - ie duck habitat, maori carvings, fishing spots … We made sulptures from natural materials found at the lake.


Rooms 7/8/9 (N.E.) - 'Living and Non Living’. An investigation in our gully was carried out with students identifying and placing items into groups.


All Junior School - each class is learning the correct process of planting a plant and will monitor it’s growth.


Room 2 - 'How Can We Protect and Sustain Our Environment? - 'I Wonder’ …


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