The winners of the Enviro Award


Masks to go on Display - We have been invited by the Hamilton Museum and Enviroschools to make a display for the masks we made for the Hamilton Parade. Amanda will take these up for us.


Beautiful Find - today, Jess and Rebekah found this amazing brightly coloured butterfly in our garden. It is a Red Admiral which is the only native NZ species. They are eat and are attracted by stinging nettle.


Ms Fitzsimmons’ daughter (Shalee) and grand-daughter (Indi) donated some native plants to the group for passing their Enviroschools Green Gold Reflection. A new stage in the Leavers garden has been dug and planted. It will be called 'the Green/Gold Garden’.


15.12.14 - This morning we held our final assembly. The winners of the Enviro Award for this year were Teah and Andrew.



The flag pole has been re-roped and the new flag is flying (not much of a breeze today though).



New stage in the 'Leavers Garden’.

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