Enviroschool’s Parade

Enviroschool’s Parade – this is next Saturday, 8th Nov, in Hamilton. We are not doing a school trip as we are super busy with the aquaponics set-up. A notice went in newsletter with info allowing parents to make the trip. Amanda and Teah are going and willing to take two more with them.

'Flat Patricia & Flat Patrick’ – from an Irish school – time differences make Skype sessions near impossible. We can make videos and send them.

Worms – feed and tea collected.

This has been an extremely busy and productive week for our students.

Koru Sculpture

Another milestone has been achieved with work finished on the Koru. A very big THANK YOU goes to John for the hours he has spent working with the students on this project.

Over Labour Weekend the Koru will be mounted onto it’s base and on Tuesday 28th October at 9:15am, we will hold an unveiling ceremony.


We planted some mini herb gardens with containers made from old LP records.062-2014-10-25-ndz7ljXcyl1r4itdv.png


Our first fish to be in the Aquaponic Unit FlexiTunnel.059-2014-10-25-ndz7x1NAXV1r4itdv.png058-2014-10-25-ndz61yDqOL1r4itdv.png061-2014-10-25-ndz7pjQjnw1r4itdv.png060-2014-10-25-ndz7sm9iZJ1r4itdv.png


The four raised beds outside the senior classrooms received a 'tidy-up’.065-2014-10-25-ndz6wiMwza1r4itdv.png


Argh! Great job team. This bed will now be planted up to match the others we tidied up.


The 'boys’ dig a hole in the hall garden where the Koru is to be mounted onto it’s base.


Our plants for our Pet Day stall are growing really well. With the weather being so warm lately, students top up the water during lunch times.

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