Cosmo Dome

We had the Cosmo-Dome visit our school for two days with owner/astrologer, Ron Fisher, explaining the galaxy and the relevance it has to our everyday lives and how it connects with Matariki.

Friday 17.10.14 - Our seedlings are growing extremely well in the Tunnel house. We have bought a hose so it’s easier to water them.

Worms - Hmmm, we think they went on holiday as well - they have not produced much worm tea in the past two weeks. They are alive and happy so that’s the main thing. Maybe it is getting too warm for them inside. We will shift them up to the Aquaponics complex which will provide them with a more stable all year round environment.

6.10.14 - Koru Carving 

John carried out some major 'detailing’ cuts and shaping for us this week. Next week we will start sanding, making beautiful smooth lines and then seal it so it’s ready to mount in the garden by the hall.




Term 3 - Leavers Garden - with the weed-matting (old carpet) doing a wonderful job, bark has now been put on the gardens.072-2014-10-18-ndm1hafsx71r4itdv.png

Flat Patrick and Flat Patricia are 'mascots’, from a green/gold enviro school in Ireland. They have been visiting our school and reported back to their school via email. We had planned on doing skype sessions with their 'Green Group’ however the time difference means this is not possible. Both school’s are looking at doing video exchanges.


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