We started planting our seeds

Thursday 18th September 2014 Week 9 Term 3

This week we held our enviro session on Thursday as our whole senior school were attending the Tuwharetoa Festival in town on Friday. They went to watch and support our wonderful Kapa Haka Performance 


In preparation for our stall on Pets Day, we started planting our seeds and writing labeling sticks for each pot. We have put them into our FlexiTunnel until they are established. This will also provide them with protection from random frosts over the school holidays.

Friday 5th September 2014 Week 7 - Assembly

We hosted school assembly today with students presenting the results of our latest rubbish audit which we did in August. We do need to improve our 'bin waste’  practices as they have slipped from the previous audit. This waste is predominately from lunch boxes. A power point presentation was made demonstrating the possible effects bad habits could produce in the future. Our Green Bin (paper/card) recycling programme is going very well.We also showed a short YouTube clip by Murray Hallam, Australia’s expert, about the workings and set-up of an Aquaponics System.


We have been planting seeds to grow our plants to sell at our Pet Day stall in November.We have planted – tomatoes, peas, green and butter beans, capsicum, crown pumpkin, squash, butternut, sweet corn, basil, chives, parsley, courgettes, lettuces …082-2014-09-06-nbgceaehxt1r4itdv.png


WOW! Look how fast they are growing. This is 16 days after planting.078-2014-10-05-ncxzclxs4T1r4itdv.png079-2014-10-05-ncxzaasrHX1r4itdv.png076-2014-10-05-ncxzicQyDN1r4itdv.png


Ashleigh writes the naming sticks for the different plants.

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