We returned to school to some very awesome news

After watching from a safe area, students check out the new entry.

Term 3 2014 - We returned to school to some very awesome news. 

The O-I New Zealand Environmental Fund

have notified us they are coming to present our group with $5,000.00 towards our Aquaponics Unit.

A working-bee to put up the tunnel is being organised and purchasing the grow beds, tanks and equipment will begin shortly.

July - Teemendous Makeover - Gully Project

We have been selected as one of the 11 finalists from throughout NZ to enter Stage 2 of this programme. Four projects will be selected from the final entries to receive a $10,000.00 makeover.

Thank you to families and members of the community who took care of our new trees over the holiday break.

Term 2 Week 8 Friday 27 June 2014

Minutes taken by Sulize and Esme

Roll – Eliza and Eireann

A drizzly day!

Taking Minutes – wedid a quick run through of how do take the minutes of meetings. A senior student to do with a junior each week so everyone learns. Don’t worry too much about spelling.

Finances - we are pretty much broke because of buying the tunnel. Need to do more fundraising.

Photo taking – talked about the need to take sensible photos. Chloe was our photo person today.

Hay – Debra Kingston from Tauhara Pony Club donated lots of old mouldy hay bales to us. John picked them up for us and today we spread them around our new gully trees – hold moisture, keep weeds down and a good mulch. Students made thank you cards – Shayna, Ella and Ashleigh.


Room 5 - 'The Tui’ - we studied and wrote about our beautiful tui birds. Then created a visual display with our findings.


Video – Y6’s continued working with Amanda on the video today, editing and adding pictures.


Koru Sculpture – the ‘fins’ were taken out today. John will help us make the main 'tidy-up’ back bend cut next week. Then we can start sanding the curves.128-2014-06-29-n7wrdpD2gR1r4itdv.png127-2014-06-29-n7wrevioCT1r4itdv.png125-2014-06-29-n7wri8UWrJ1r4itdv.png129-2014-06-29-n7wrbspWIe1r4itdv.png


The gully is looking good but different – in a good way.


Leavers Garden – we did some weeding and then planted some flax and grasses in the un-planted areas, as well as in the raised bed where plants were missing.

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