Waste Show

On Thursday afternoon, Matt and Andy from Hamilton came to our school and performed a short (15 min) show about reducing our waste info landfills. This was a free show sponsored by Taupo District Council and Enviro Waikato.



Comments from students – cool show, too short and it ended suddenly, not much new info for us however some good reminders, spoke too fast for juniors to understand, only used 3 of the 4 ‘R’s that we use – left out Refuse, the rap was good, they were funny.

Then it was down into the gully to pick up rubbish and check our new trees. We spread the coffee grounds, which we get from Eruption Café, onto our gardens. Leianne has been coming along to our enviro sessions and working with us.

Firelighters – made more. Will need to collect more leaves next week on a dry day.

Worms -  Myles and Benny are doing a great job taking care of the worm farm. They are always willing to take other students with them and show them how it works and how to look after it.

Friday 20 June 2014 - Today – armed with spades, brooms, buckets, leaf rakes and the wheelbarrow,we cleaned out the inside of the pool in preparation for putting up the tunnel.


Students gather food scraps and greens from the vege garden to feed the worms.



All this equals one very happy worm farm.


Then we add used paper towels, shredded paper, water and a sprinkling of lime.

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