Self Monitoring Sheet

SELF MONITORING SHEET - we have introduced a chart where students record jobs/tasks they have performed during the week.

14th February - SCULPTURE - this year one of our new projects is carving a sculpture for the garden at the entrance to our Hall. We looked at the different types of materials we could use and shapes.

We have decided to make a Koru made from Hebel. Hebel is an airated concrete product, is easy to carve, strong and when sealed is weather proof. A local stone carver, Mr Painter, is coming along to work with us. The Koru design is based on the unfurling fern frond of the native New Zealand silver fern. It relates to our school and community values :- new beginnings and life (a new phase of one’s life), harmony, peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and nurturing. Translated, Koru means “loop” (or “bight”).

We are holding a 'POWER’ Mufti Day on 14th March with the gold coin donation going towards the purchase cost of the Hebel block. It is an extra way for everyone to have ownership of the sculpture.




'BC Capsicum' has returned from his holiday. Teah and Amanda took him home over the holidays. This is the same plant we were given last year. He is growing in 'rockwool’ (no soil) and lives on our worm tea. He did produce a flower over the holidays however as it wasn’t pollinated, we will not get any fruit. The challenge we set for ourselves is to keep him alive and healthy.


The area where we store all of our gardening equipment has had a revamp. Everything is on shelves now and in bins. Students went to check it out are very excited about being able to access tools more easily now.


A group of students feed the worms and collect the tea with Amanda. The worms are doing well and there are lots of cocoons in the bin which indicates they are happy and breeding. Over the holiday period they have produced about 5 litres of tea. Unfortunately one lot was lost as the bottom of the worm farm bin detached and tipped the container over.


The hedge has been given a big trim as it was taking over our garden area. Thank you Roz.


we’ve had quite a few tomatoes off our vines this season, with more to come. We also have our up-right unit which produces compost for our gardens.


ROTATING COMPOST BIN - we have had this for some time, however due to some issues it was not in a suitable place and used to it’s full purpose. It is now positioned in our garden and working well.


WEEK 2 - Vegetable Gardens - we have planted these this week with cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, silverbeet, celery and lettuces.The soil is very dry as we’ve had little rain. Our water tank was emptied over the holiday break which means we are now having to use water from the main supply - which we pay for!



7th February 2014 Today we held our first group meeting for the year. Past members and possible new students came along to see what we do. Approx 60 students attended, from Rooms 1-4. We discussed our projects and made a list of jobs that students will take responsibility for. To be in the group this year, students are to complete an application process. We work hard and everyone needs to be committed - being here to get out of a classroom subject is not an option.


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